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Assessment of risks at the work environment with the Computer Programme RA & S

The “Risk Assessment & Safety” (RA & S) computer programme is used to assess risks of the work environment. The risks are evaluated with a 5-point matrix developed at the Tampere University of Technology. Other, more sophisticated risk evaluation matrices can be used as well.

Finnish 5-point risk matrix





The computer programme allows to assess of work environment risks in English (additional service).
The risks of the work environment are printed in the form of a classic table. In addition to the printout of the risks accompanying documents and information that allow you to analyse the situation in the company based in nine parameters is also attached:

1) labour protection instructions, indicating all instruction for each occupation (position);
2) a list of workplaces and employees working in hazardous and special conditions;
3) Validation of risk factors that are usually used to evaluate business premises and working conditions,
4) labour protection measures at work places,
5) a list of employees according to professions subject to compulsory health checks, indicating the factors harmful to health
6) personal protective equipment  - group assessment for staff, which specifies all the personal protective equipment for the work environments and positions,
7) collective LP measures for work environments,
8) the use of instruments by employees by occupation,
9) assessment of risk factors for employees.