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Evaluations on sites

One of the most important duties of the senior expert in labour protection are the on- site evaluation (inspections), including on construction sites. Especially if the activity is related to the so-called heavy industries such as construction, forestry road construction, drainage system construction, bridge construction, railroad construction, infrastructure, work in the woods, agricultural works, works in warehouses, blasting jobs in quarries...

Definitely, the sites are places where severe or even fatal accidents can occur. Therefore, every effort should be made to address the causes of possible accidents. Those evaluations on sites are usually a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. The customer, the employer has to take into account that expenses thereof.

No matter how well the labour protection documentation is organized, it does not guarantee the safety of employees at the facility. Only a regular and in depth supervision of sites, including construction sites can ensure it. This requires expert knowledge, skills and abilities that can only be gained with many years of practical experience.

We offer our skills and competencies to accomplish this not so easy task.

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