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Psycho-emotional risk assessment method with the "Work Positive" computer programme

To evaluate psycho-emotional risks, the computer programme "Work Positive" is used to find out the effects of tension at work (labour stress indicator) on employees in the company. It was developed by the Health and Safety Administration of England (HSE) in 2004, and our company has translated and further developed it.

The programme is based on 67 questionnaire questions (in Latvian, Russian and English), which gives both an average rating and an accurate assessment in the following 10 categories:

1. job requirements;
2. task control options;
3. management support;
4. peer support;
5. relations with colleagues;
6. employee role in the company;
7. changes in the company, communication;
8. investment by employees and remuneration (feedback, praise);
9. occupational health and safety at work;
10. indicators of tension at work.

Each of the questions has five answers, which are given marks from 1 to 5, and at the end of the questionnaire three main reasons for the tension at work are asked.

The “Work Positive” computer programme prepares a forecast of what indicators will need to be met in the short and long term. This computer programme creates graphical results that represent the exact categories of 10 categories (answers to questions), indicating the level of risk (from low to high). In addition, this computer programme also reflects the results in numerical form in tables, shows the main sources of stress at work and other data that can be used for more accurate psychological climate analysis in the company.