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Quality control in construction sites

The lack of quality control in construction leads to a situation where the quality of construction on construction sites over time is diminished significantly. The non-regular quality control of performed work on construction sites is one of the reasons for this. However, construction supervision services are very expensive.
We offer simplified quality control on construction sites, which is carried out with the evaluation of the site. In this case, the evaluation is a complex activity - involving labour protection, environmental protection, fire safety, electrical safety ... and also quality control inspections are carried out simultaneously. This evaluation does not replace the services of a construction supervisor, but gives an independent view of the quality of the work done in construction.

Quality is controlled by measurements, according to specific quality criteria based on the different types of work to be performed: general construction, road construction, forest road construction, drainage systems, works in railway protection zone; the quality is stated Quality Acceptance Certificate. The quality control of work is also performed visually by checking the performed work - the main defects are indicated in the object inspection report.
The evaluation protocol and the Quality Acceptance Certificate are sent to the management of the supervised company for consideration.

The measuring instruments used to ensure quality control are checked and calibrated.
The service is provided only under the supervision (servicing) of existing companies (our customers). If required, a certified construction supervisor may be involved.

Quality criteria for the following works have been developed:

  • Quality criteria for general construction work
  • Quality criteria for work performed on unbound roads
  • Quality criteria for landscaping work
  • Quality criteria for work on forest roads
  • Quality criteria for work for forest drainage systems
  • Quality criteria for work on water drainage of national significance
  • Quality criteria for the work on railway construction


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