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About Us

The beginnings of SIA "AINA serviss" date back to November 2013, when a competent institution in the matters of labour protection is created as part of a large construction holding.
In December 2016, SIA “AINA serviss” was established - a competent institution in matters of labour protection, which is the legal successor of the rights and obligations of the previous institution.

In 2017 SIA “AINA serviss” joins the Latvian Ergonomics Society.

In 2018 SIA “AINA serviss” joins the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In May 2018 SIA “AINA serviss” is registered as a VAT payer.
Our clients are mainly in the so-called heavy industries like:

  • construction, construction of roads, bridges, transmissions, viaducts, forest roads, polders, dams, construction of drainage systems,
  • industrial production, processing industry, construction of water-drainage networks, quarrying works, blasting works for dolomite and gypsum mining,
  • wood processing, works in saw-mills, works in railway infrastructure, protective zones ...

as well as:

  • car service centres, repair shops, technical equipment rental, real estate, trade,
  • work in the design and architecture offices and other works.



  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Since 2018, we are members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
    It is the largest business association in Latvia with already more than 2,500 members.
    We participate in events organized by this organization: in lectures and events aimed at getting in contact. We actively participate in the events organized by the Kurzeme Business Club. We are experts in matters of labour protection and give lectures, educate entrepreneurs operating in the regions of Latvia.

  • Latvian Ergonomics Society

    We actively participate in events organized by the Latvian Ergonomics Society: in lectures, seminars. We strive to use our skills in our daily work when carrying out tasks of a senior expert in labour protection. We work with the leading academics in Latvia in the fields of Occupational Health and Occupational Health Ženija Roja and Henrijs Kaļķis.

  • Our hobbies

    We take an active part in the events of the American Car Club. We are members of the American Car Club since 2016. Together with the club we organize events for opening and closing of the season

    We also take part in seasonal events organized by other antique car clubs in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. We have an interest in retro American cars, especially is Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolets of 1950s - 1970s.